The QC department is provided with full range of testing equipment to test the products as per all the pharmacopeias. There is a full pledged microbiology lab as part of the QC dept. Intermediates are tested thoroughly to ensure purity of the product at every stage. QC dept provides the Specifications, Certificates of Analysis, MSDS, Samples, Impurities Profiles, Reference standards and any information related to the quality of the product. Before dispatching, the products are checked again as per the buyer’s specifications, if any.


QA ensures high quality standards through SOPs at each stage of manufacturing right from the receipt of the raw materials to the dispatch of finished products from the factory. They also make sure the presentation and the labeling of the package is good and all the necessary documents are accompanying the consignment.

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Junuv Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals one of the leading exporter in the field of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Pharmaceutical Chemicals, Pharmaceutical Raw Materials & Intermediates.